2020 has certainly been a year that no one expected. Our way of life changed. We Zoomed or FaceTimed more. We socially distanced. If we traveled, our travel experience changed drastically. …

After celebrating our first Valentine’s Day in town on Friday evening, I had planned a surprise getaway for Savannah over a long weekend. I had given her an idea of what to pack and what kind of activities we’d be doing but that was about it.

She had never been…

Pit stop at the New York-Pennsylvania border. (January 2019)

After ringing in the new year with family, it was time to take a winter adventure. Last year over winter break, my friend and I traveled all the way up through New England to Maine. This year, we planned to head to Quebec City. I had only visited Toronto once…

Another 365 days have passed and what an adventure every day has been. From national park hopping over Spring Break to summer jaunts around Asia and Europe — 2018 has offered a lot this year!

Once again, I chose one photo from every travel destination this year. It is always hard to choose one photograph to represent an entire city/country/place, but here are the top 17. Some taken with my Nikon and some with my iPhone.

A January view of the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. (January 2018)

The Philippine Flag hanging in Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines (June 2018).

After almost a week exploring Thailand and Hong Kong, the next destination was the Philippines! While it was my third time visiting the home of my maternal ancestors, it was my sister’s very first visit.

We had an early morning flight from Hong Kong to Manila, a short layover, followed…

After a wet time in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we had hoped that our three days in Hong Kong wouldn’t also be dampened on. Our hopes would not come true, but for one day.

Tyler Truax

Traveler, blogger, amateur photographer

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